Cupcake Icing Ideas

If you’re looking for cupcake icing ideas, we regularly post cupcake images on our blog and we’re planning posts with instructions on our blog soon!

Today we’ve been adding mini Oreos, chocolate stars, Minstrels, Jelly Tots and lots of other sweetie additions to make cupcakes look just that little bit more special.

These below are our Oreo Surprise Cupcakes! Baked inside the delicious chocolate sponge is a large Oreo! It’s topped with vanilla frosting and a mini Oreo! We often get asked to come up with creative cupcakes icing ideas for birthday parties, corporate events, weddings and many other special occasions.  Coming up with something a little bit different to what you see in the supermarket is great fun!

Here are some more images of our cupcakes to give you some inspiration!


cupcake icing ideas

 cupcake icing ideas

cupcake icing ideas

For more pretty ideas, we like Magenta Cakes Blog.  She has lots of lovely ideas and images to drool over!

If you’re having a go at home, you could try experimenting with food colouring, different nozzles and sprinkles.  Animals and characters such as our Cookie Monster, are great examples to start with.

Good luck and let us know how you get on!

If you’re coming into Halifax today for a cupcake, come and grab one of these!  Hurry…. There’s limited supply!